Port St Mary Lifeboat Station - Why are we called out ?

Who do we help? In any particular year it's difficult to see any pattern but the longer term statistics reveal that half of all calls for Port St Mary Lifeboat are to assist either yachts or fishing vessels. RNLI statistics for incidents around the coast of the British Isles (UK, Eire, Channel Isles and IoM) show that 54% of all lifeboat launches were to pleasure craft ( yachts and motorboats ) with a third of those being during the hours of darkness.

The six month period between April and September typically accounts for 75 % of all launches ( and of lives saved )


The Causes of trouble

- by far and away the most common cause for requiring the lifeboat help is machinery failure. This encompasses everything from just plain poorer maintence of the boats engine or running out of fuel to the rarer unforeseen failures on even the best maintained vessel.


In 1994, the RNLI in conjunction with HM Coastguard, and a number of other marine organisations launched a Sea Safety Initiative to promote the prevention of many possible incidents by a campaign of education. In addition, the RNLI and Coastguard Agency developed a national database of all incidents to better identify trends and then target accident prevention schemes where they could be the most effective.

The RNLI provides an extensive sea safety resource online at http://www.rnli.org.uk/what_we_do/sea_and_beach_safety/sea_safety



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Last edited 19 October 2007