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October 2000

Thursday 5th;

Trent class lifeboat 14-24,"Dora Foster McDougall", arrived at 15:15 BST from Arklow to refuel and stay overnight.The following morning they continued onto Nobles Boatyard at Girvan. 14-24 is part of the relief fleet of lifeboats and had been stationed at Arklow whilst their station lifeboat,14-19, "Ger Tigchelaar" is being overhauled.

September 2000

Tuesday 26th;

The Tyne class 47-012, "Good Shephard" with a crew Lough Swilly,Eire, arrived at 19:00 BST to refuel and stay overnight. The following morning they continued onto Portpatrick before going to Portrush and arrived at Lough Swilly on Friday. "Good Shephard" has been allocated on trial for a period of a year to Lough Swilly to provide all weather lifeboat coverage in addition to the Stations existing ILB's. The passage crew were on a training passage from Poole to their home Station.

Lough Swilly currently have an Atlantic class lifeboat and a D-class lifeboat. The current station is not suitable for berthing or mooring the all weather lifeboat, so a berth has been developed at the Pier in Buncrana itself. Presently there is a lot of work going on at the pier with dredging works for this new boat and a new ferry, slipway for the ferry and initial works for a 38 berth marina.

August 2000

6th August, Lifeboat Day

The impressive sum of 5,400 pounds (GB) was raised by this years Lifeboat day.

The amount, received through various donations (including gbp 275 from Castletown Golf Club), stalls, collections on the day and a house to house collection and Port St Mary, Colby and Ballabeg (which raised over gpb 1000), exceeded all expectations.

Bright sunshine and a gentle breeze helped attrach more than 400 people to Port St Mary breakwater for the annual Lifeboat Day. Crowds came to see displays by the emergency and rescue services, witness the line dancing of the Calamity and the Renegade Line dancing groups and browse at the variety of stalls.

Another popular attraction was the fisheries protection vessel, FPV Barrule. Under the command of Skipper Mike Beevan, she was open to visitors to look around throughout the event.

PSM ILB, Port Erin Lifeboat, Gough Ritchie II and FPV Barrule

Letters of Appreciation presentation

Port St Mary coxswain Johnny Williams, second coxswain Michael Kneale and George Platt have each received a letter of appreciation from Ladies Guild President, Amy Kneen on behalf of the RNLI director Andrew Freemantle, for their part in the rescue of a stricken yacht,the Maggie Ellen, in bad weather.(see below 1 August 2000 for details).

One of the highlights was the crowning of this years lifeboat princess, 10 year old Laura Gill. Laura and her sister, Emma and other guests enjoyed a trip around the bay on board the Gough Ritchie II, in the company of the Douglas and Port Erin Lifeboats and the Port St Mary inshore lifeboat.

This years lifeboat princess, Laura Gill

People looking over 14-26, "Gough Ritchie II"

Port St Mary Hon. Secretary Alex Maddrell said : "The day was alot of fun for a lot of people and on behalf of Port St Mary Lifeboat Branch I would like to thank everyone who helped us today and during the past year".

Thanks also go to Port Erin fire Brigade, IoM Coastguards, Mark Cowin (MC for the day), Port St Mary Commissioners and all those who gave up their time to help or provided raffle prizes and produce for the variou stalls.


1st August -Letter of appreciation from RNLI

THREE lifeboatmen have been praised for their part in the rescue of a stricken yacht in bad weather.

Port St Mary coxswain Johnny Williams, second coxswain Michael Kneale and George Platt have each received a letter of appreciation from RNLI director Andrew Freemantle.

The crew rescued the occupants of the Maggie Ellen after it got into trouble sailing from Liverpool to Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland on the night of April 19. During very fresh weather some of the yachts ropes got tangled in the yacht's rudder and the three-man crew couldn't drop the sails. Furthermore they became stricken with sea sickness and unsure of their position when their navigation equipment failed.

Mr Williams managed to steer the lifeboat to allow Mr Kneale and Mr Platt on board to remove the ropes from the rudder and drop the sails. The lifeboat and yacht each sustaining some minor damage as they heaved in a three metre swell. Three passes were required to place Mr Kneale and Mr Platt on board the yacht.

The yacht was towed into Port St Mary after the 10-hour operation. The lifeboat crew also included mechanic Eric Quillian, David Richards, Mark Pendlebury, Richard Leigh and 2nd mechanic, Paul Fielding.

Lifeboat secretary Alex Maddrell said it had been a difficult operation :'The lifeboat sustained only slight damage, which was nothing sort of miraculous.' ..and that......'It was expert seamanship that made the rescue possible.'

Mr Maddrell also praised the part played by Moelfre Lifeboat from Angelsey which followed the Port St Mary Lifeboat for an hour and half to make sure the tow line was secure before they returned to their station.

The men will be presented with their letters of appreciation at Port St Mary lifeboat day on Sunday 6th August.

full details of the rescue see service calls Maggie Ellan


July 2000

The Marine Accident Investigation Board published the results of its enquiry into the loss of the MFV Amber Rose on the 26 July 2000.A full transcript of their findings maybe obtained at the DETR press website at

full details of the rescue see service calls MFV Amber Rose

May 2000

Our station ILB, D462,"Frances" has been fitted with navigation lights to allow some night time operation.

The actual modifications are:

Fitting navigation lights on the bow canopy and the fitting of an all round white light (anchor light) which is mounted on a pole attached to the transom on the opposite side from the ariel. At the moment these lights are being powered by the radio battery but in the future they will be powered by a dynamo on the engine.

The D class has additional limitations at night imposed in addition to bad weather limitations. It has to be agreed with the Hon.Secretary before it use. Operates in fairly calm weather with moon light on the coastline within 5 miles of the Station or within harbour confines only. The D class has been used a number of times at night but almost invariably with the all weather lifeboat. Often when causalty vessels have run aground since the D class can operate in 2 feet of water. In addition we carry a night image intensifier.

On Thurs 19th a crew went to collect our station boat (14-26) from Holyhead Boatyard, Angelsey. She went there three weeks ago for a two day bum scrub , anti fouling , new anodes and repairs to fendering that was damage on our last ALB shout on the 19 th April. However things ended up different when one prop shaft could not be turned by hand. Ended up with both prop shafts coming out in order that the shaft gland seals could be replaced.

During the time "Gough Ritchie II" was away in the boatyard we had the use of Arun 52-11 which used to be the Campbelltown station boat but is now doing relief duty around the coast.

In addition to our callouts the Hon. Secretary had a standby call on Thurs 25th May for a boat which was returning to Port St Mary with a diver on board with suspected 'bends' after diving on a ship wreck seven miles south of the port. An ambulance was arranged by Liverpool Coastguard and the ILB crew ready if the D class was required to ferry a strecher ashore. However the diver was able to walk ashore and was released from hospital later that day after a check up.

April 2000

In addition to our callouts the Hon. Secretary had a standby call on Sunday 16 th April night for a single handed yacht which had a 'leak'. The night was fine and after three hours with 15 min status calls to the yachts' occupant it got in safely into harbour with the aid of advice form the Hon. Sec.

March 2000

Thursday 9th - Mersey 12-009 on passage from Bangor, Northern Ireland to St Ives Cornwall , was on passage and stopped overnight at Port St Mary to refuel and rest their crew. This is the St Ives station lifeboat and has been getting overhauled at a boatyard at Bangor. 12-009 continued on to Pwllheli, N Wales, the following day.

February 2000

The Port St Mary Branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Instition gave an overwhelming Vote of Thanks to their Honary Secretary Capt. David McKaig, B.A, M.N.I., when he retired from the position on the 1st February and welcomed Mr Alex Maddrell has his successor.

David McKaig first joined the station in 1976 when he took on the job of Deputy Launching Authority from Capt. Dougie Maddrell when he took over the job of the Port St Mary Harbour Master. On the 1st December 1981 he took on the busy and demanding role of Hon. Secretary from the late John Hudson, remaining in that office during a period which has seen manay changes in RNLI policy.

Mr Alex Maddrell as the new Hon. Secretary. Alex has gained over 23 years experience as a lifeboat crew member and much more recently has a Deputy Launching Authority. His experience over many years as a Deputy Headmaster at Castle Rushen High School will, no doubt, stand him in good stead for the post.

Crewmember Steve Franks has stepped down from the crew after 14 years service. Besides being a stalwart of the crew, Steve has been instrumental in organising several Mhelliahs which raised several thousand pounds for funds for the Lifeboat service.

Port St Mary Lifeboat has its second female crew member. Trainee Sarah Keggen has started training in all aspects of the operation of the All weather and inshore lifeboats. It will take Sarah a year before she becomes a full member of the crew.

Wednesday 2nd - Our 2nd Coxswain Mick Kneale gets wed. All the crew would like to congratulate Mick and Annie and wish them both well.

Tuesday 1st - Our D Class inshore lifeboat " Frances" has returned from RNLI inshore lifeboat base at Cowes after her annual overhaul. The relief D class D-369 has now left to take up relief duties elsewhere.


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