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Some of the varied callouts !

27 May 1995: Yacht Elandra towed 19 miles after steering failure.

19 April 1993 : MFV Karen Mary taking water due to clogged water pumps some 15 mile west of the Calf. Salvage pumps placed on board by 54-06. Clogher Head lifeboat arrived on scene shortly after and towed the MFV back to Ireland.

3 December 1996 : MFV Novantae fouled her propeller and was located less than 1/3 of a mile of the shore before being taken in tow by 54-06 back to Port St Mary.

30 June 1997 : MFV Our Ern taking water 14 miles south of PSM; Lifeboat and helicopter both transferred salvage pumps to vessel before 54-06 Gough Ritchie could take the vessel in tow.

13 Februrary 1994 : HMS Bitter aground in Castletown Bay. Although sheltered the wind was blowing SE force 8. Passed a tow line when only 4 feet of water was below lifeboat and towed the training craft off by going astern. She was then able to proceed to Port St Mary under its own power, escorted by 54-06 .

(all the above photographs are the copyright of PSM Lifeboat crew)

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